Russell's Child Care

Weekly Menu

Here are some of our favorites, we're always mixing it up, and if I have enough Lasagna, we'll have that too!


Breakfast: 3 food groups 

Oatmeal, Cherrios, Eggs n Toast, Pancakes, English Muffins, Bagels,

Orange slices, Apple slices, Banana or Pears

1%milk, Whole milk for under 1 yr.


Lunch: 5 food groups

Monday: hot dogs w/ buns or corn dogs, greenbeans or french fries, bananas, and milk

Tuesday: Tuna Tues. or chicken on wheat bread, apples, carrots, & milk

Wednesday: PB&J or Quesidilla or grilled cheese, pear, broccolli & milk 

Thursday: chicken dinos or fish sticks, tater tots or french fries, orange slices, & milk

Friday: cheese pizza, banana, green beans, & milk 


Snacks: 2 food groups

Ritz, Saltines, Goldfish, Cheese-it's, Grahams & 100% Juice of course!